The Round Table – Ver. 2.2.7

✈ MOOSE mission using automatic and endless unit generation.

✈ Dynamic task generation for BAI / SEAD / ANTI SHIP


✈ Custom Damage Script

✈ Moose SHORAD system

✈ FOX missile trainer




Since i started to work on this kind of mission a long time ago, my main goal was to just create a training environment for me and my squadron, but i don’t like to «know» from where to bad guys are going to come from… then i found MOOSE and started learning the code.

This is the result (and im still learning)

By default, 2 Air To Ground task (BAI, SEAD) and 1 Anti Ship task will populate the map, there are more than 100 possible task spawn locations, also, 4 CAPs will be spawned (2 red VS 2 blue)

There is no need to join or subscribe to any task to be able to complete them, the script will check over time if each task targets are alive or not, if not, a new task will be generated. Information about task location can be viewed on the F10 Map, or accesed via Custom Radio menu.

BAI and SEAD tasks spawn with their respective JTAC unit above using JTACautolase script, also, AAA bateries will be spawned on 2 random selected areas near the AO.

The mission comes with some inner functions disabled by default, this options can be accesed opening the mission in the MISSION EDITOR then opening the TRIGGERS SECTION, there you can control and tweak the mission parameters to your needs

I tried to make all versions the most «performance friendly» possible, it only spawns something if a previous group got totally wiped out.

Hope you guys have fun .-

EDIT: if u wanna add some MOD planes, just copy any client group and change the plane for the one you want, my script recognizes the «dingbat font» (the little plane in front of each client group name) to add it to the set of clients planes ready for tasking…


★ DeadlyFishes And Topper (for zeus script) – removed, but «for the record»

★ NoLove for his FSM scripts – removed, but «for the record»

★ Pikey for sharing his no detection dynamic tasking script – removed, but «for the record»

★ FunkyFranky for AIRBOSS! – removed, but «for the record»

★ FlightControl for MOOSE!

★ Surrexen for tips, tricks and heads ups

★ Ciribob for all his work in CTLD / CSAR

★ YOU for playing my mission


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